Our Story

My name is Carrissa Golomb and I opened my first business Reese’s Hair Pieces physical location at 520A Broadway in Bayonne NJ , my hometown. That day was 2.5 years in the making from the time I made my very first bow at 8.5 months pregnant with my daughter Reese. This business began from 1 bow and all by accident. At My Sprinkle I received a bow with my daughter's name on it from one of my best childhood friends. I fell in love and wanted more! I decided to go to Michael's and get some supplies. My son Dean who was 2 and 1/2 at the time. He was keeping himself occupied so I had a little time on my hands before my girl came into the world! I made some bows and posted on my Facebook saying “Look what I made for my new baby girl!” Friends started tagging the photo asking if I could duplicate it and if they could purchase. I figured ok sure I can pay for the bows I made with using the rest of the ribbon and materials to make more. And well friends the REST IS HISTORY. Reese’s Hair Pieces was BORN! 2.5 years later from working out of my home I opened my store.  I started with bows, then made my first custom shirt, then a custom tutu and so much more. Reese's Hair Pieces Closed its Doors June 5th 2022.  

Ok let's back up a bit....In November of 2021 I started Carrissa's Closet A Division of Reese's Hair Pieces focusing on Mommy & Me.  Children's & Women's Fashion is the focus of the brand with a more modern Flair!

Then in January of 2022 I opened another Brick & Morter with my Partner Shez Shazrudeen called Bergen Point Boutique.  

We Are Not Only a Boutique: We Are a Community.

Bergen Point Boutique, located at 174 Broadway in Bayonne, NJ, is a new retail space that will showcase a variety of local pop-up shops on rotation throughout the year. Pop-ups provide a unique opportunity for newly-emerging and/or digitally-native brands to trial a brick and mortar space, giving them exposure to new customers and connection through community

Bergen Point Boutique cultivates a vibe that the Bergen Point neighborhood can thrive in, in a space that will accommodate the always-evolving world of trends in fashion, decor and lifestyle. Our dream is to create an environment where people can gather, collaborate and bring home something unique to enjoy from one (or many) of our showcased pop-up vendors, at prices that are accessible to everyone in our community.